Dear Kat: Is Matchmaking Worth It?

Dear Kat, I’m the last single person in my group of friends and I’m considering matchmaking, is it worth it?
Solo Single

Dear Solo,

Feeling like the odd-man out is really tough, especially if you're ready to commit. First of all, you aren't alone, though it may feel like it sometimes. Many singles talk to me about this same feeling and the short answer is: YES, matchmaking is 100% worth it.

Working with a Matchmaker has numerous benefits and can vastly improve your dating life. If your friends have started to settle down and you’re feeling ready for a meaningful relationship, then matchmaking may be a great fit for you (and it's definitely worth it).

Now, here's three reasons why you should consider working with a Matchmaker:

Enjoy A Larger Dating Pool

Dating is often a numbers game, but having too many options can actually work against you (think about how soul sucking it can feel to just swipe endlessly on an app for hours…) Since we focus on quality vs. quantity, we use our large pool of singles as the starting point and then personally interview those matches who look like the best fit. Only a handful of those singles who the Matchmakers vet make the cut -- meaning we only send our clients the best of the best. This saves you so much time and energy in your search!

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Matchmakers are also great for helping people get out of their dating comfort zone. If you tend to date the same type of person over and over and you’re still single, it’s probably time to try something new. Whether that means dating someone older and more mature, finding someone who works in a vastly different field, or expanding your physical preferences, many clients just need a little nudge to see someone as a potential partner. Let a Matchmaker guide you toward someone with similar values and long term goals and let go of some of your previous ‘must haves’ in a partner. It just might lead you to the love of your life...

Feel Supported & Encouraged!

Dating can be difficult, time-consuming and ultimately tiring. With a Matchmaker by your side, you have a built-in friend, cheerleader, and date coach all in one. You can gush about dates you go on, you can share the juicy post-date details, and you can turn to a Matchmaker for advice and recommendations along the way. Finding your forever person is a journey and it’s nice to have a friend along for the ride.

If your dating life feels underwhelming or uninspired, consider working with a Matchmaker in your city to find the love you deserve!


PS. If anyone else out there is also feeling "single fatigue," you might also fall into one or all of these categories:
- You’ve already dated all the potentials in your friend group or been set-up (unsuccessfully) by everyone in your friend group.
- You travel for work frequently, and by the time you’re back home you’re too tired to rally and meet people.
- You find yourself regularly spending your free time with the same colleagues, and feel like every weekend is same faces.
A Matchmaker can cast her net far and wide and bring in amazing potential matches who you never would have crossed paths with otherwise.

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