10 Commandments For The Newly Single Girl

They say that breaking up is hard to do! No matter how long you were in your relationship, making the jump from feeling settled and comfortable to the unknown world of being newly single can be daunting, to say the least. But I am here with some good news! These sucky feelings won’t last forever. Getting back on top of life after a breakup will not only help you recover, but will make you a better person than you were before. The key is a positive attitude, self-love, and a little help from your friends.

Here are 10 rules for how to deal after a breakup that will leave you happier than ever.

  1. Thou shalt listen to happy music

Allow yourself one week of wallowing in your Breakup Jams 2016 playlist, and then get those sad songs out of your ears! Upbeat music will help keep your head and your heart in a light and happy place.

  1. Thou shalt put down the iPhone

When you are staring at your phone, you’re disconnecting from the world around you – friends, family, BOYS and everything surrounding. People feel happier when they feel connected, and zoning out on a phone is a crutch when you’re feeling uncomfortable in a new social setting or just plain bored. Challenge yourself to leave your phone in your purse through an entire evening and see just how much more engaged you feel.

  1. Thou shalt reconnect with family and friends

People in relationships often feel spread thin amongst their commitments to their partner, family, friends and job. Revel in this opportunity to give more of yourself to the important people in your life.

  1. Thou shalt say yes more often

Try going one week saying yes to as many opportunities that come your way as possible and see how your life changes. It’s incredible. You have more to gain than to lose!

  1. Thou shalt treat yo-self

It’s incredible what a mini makeover can do to boost self-confidence. It’s fun to mix things up and taking care of yourself always feels good. Get a new haircut, indulge in some retail therapy, book a dry bar appointment, try the new spa treatment your friends are talking about. Treat yo-self!

  1. Thou shalt exercise

Endorphins are cheaper than therapy. Period.

  1. Thou shalt not beat yourself up

Often times, women are especially hard on themselves after a breakup about what they have done wrong or could have done better to keep the relationship alive. Stop beating yourself up. A breakup takes 2 people and blaming yourself is not productive.

8. Thou shalt reinvigorate a passion

Enjoy this time to rediscover a hobby or passion that may have fallen by the wayside during your LTR. Pick back up with French lessons, sign up for a new rec league, or book a trip to Italy with your girlfriends. Being single is fun - live it up!

  1. Thou shalt not live in the past

What is done is done and both you and your ex are going to be better people because of your time together. But you need to move on. In the eternal words of Garth Algar “Stop torturing yourself…. Live in the now!”

  1. Thou shalt forgive

Some breakups are especially hard and moving forward with a positive attitude can seem impossible. But holding onto anger, resentment and sadness only inhibits YOU in the long run. As soon as you can truly forgive, even those who may not deserve it, you can move forward in your exciting and fulfilling life.