3 Ways to Let Your Love Know They’re on Your Mind!

Are You Missing Your Long Distance Love Extra These Days?

Here’s 3 Ways to Let Them Know They’re on Your Mind!

A long distance relationship is not for the faint of heart. It truly takes two dedicated people to maintain the spark while living separate, sometimes in other parts of the country or even the world! However, making a go of it long-distance is not impossible, it just takes a little extra creativity. Because you can’t always be together physically, thinking outside the box to make things feel extra special for your long-distance beau goes a long way.

Below, we’re sharing a few of the ways to make your partner feel close even when they’re actually pretty far.

Write Them a Love Letter

Remember the days before social media, text messages and email?
If you try really hard, I’m sure you can think back to how exciting it would be to check your physical mailbox and find you had received an actual piece of mail containing a handwritten card or letter. Why not provide that same feeling for your partner and send them a good old fashioned love letter? Even though you talk to each other on a daily basis, opening up their mailbox to find a letter from you is out-of-the-ordinary kind of special

When you write your letter, perhaps include anything that is special and unique to your relationship. Maybe it’s lyrics to “your song,” a poem by their favorite author, or even a love affirmation you repeat to one another. Whatever you choose, be sure it’s personal and comes from the heart.

Send a Special Delivery

If sending a letter just doesn’t feel like the right gesture, surprise your love with another type of special delivery.
Who doesn’t get excited when the delivery truck pulls up unexpectedly? If you want to surprise them with something sweet, seek out a company that offers chocolate-dipped fruit or cookie bouquets. This is something fun they can snack on and unlike flowers, they won’t have to worry about keeping them alive, but instead can focus on eating them!

On the other hand, if you want to go the beverage route, utilize an alcohol delivery service to send your love a bottle, or a pack, of their most loved adult beverage. The best part about this is once they receive their drink, you can grab one of your own, hop on FaceTime or another video conferencing app, and do a virtual cheers toasting to the most important people in your lives, each other!

Plan a Virtual Date Night

For couples who don’t have to navigate the hurdles that come along with long-distance relationships, a date night is probably just a weekly occurrence -- fancy or casual. However, for couples who are in long-distance relationships, setting up a date night requires some extra effort and creativity.

First, you’ll want to figure out a way to carve out time in their schedule. Send them an e-invite or even a text message letting them know you want to “take them out.” In the message, let them know they should dress their best, and you will be doing the same. Even though this date will be virtual, you don’t want to hold back on making it special!

Next, order a meal for takeout from their favorite restaurant and instruct them to pick it up, or have it delivered, at a specific time. Once they arrive home, you can both jump on a video call and enjoy a meal together. This is the perfect opportunity to forget about all the chaos in the world and just focus on each other. Good food and good conversation may be just what your partner needed to know you’ve been thinking of them.

There’s an old saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.” While that may ring true, it’s still nice to let your long-distance partner know you’re thinking of them and that the distance between you only makes your bond stronger. Small gestures go the longest way!