6 Date Ideas That Reveal Personality, SF Edition

Happy Friday! As we make our way into the final weekend of July, you may be dating someone new or still getting to know that special someone. Get straight to the heart this weekend with 6 non-traditional date ideas:

  1. Board Games

Board games show a lot about a person's ability to strategize, communicate, and participate as a team player. Finding a venue with board games is a Yelp search away - and your date will appreciate the unique idea. If you are in SF head to SOMA for The Playroom above S&R Lounge or The Willows - and if you are serious about board games make your way to Berkeley and check out Victory Point, the Bay Area's first board game cafe.

  1. Improv

Improv is another unexpected great date activity - and I just recommended this to one of my clients. You really have to let your guard down, be creative and learn not to take yourself too seriously. Look for drop-in improv classes in your area, and for those of you in SF, check out Leela or Endgames.

  1. Cooking Class

You can see if you're open to learning about the wonders of new spices or stuck in your ways when it comes to knife skills. A knack for culinary adventure and experimentation can translate pretty well to the rest of life. After a date a  Jordan's Kitchen in SF you will also know quickly if your future dates will be strictly dining out.

  1. Building Workshop

Creating something together is kind of the goal of dating, right? So why not attend a workshop at a place like Wood Thumb here in SF and start with a bookshelf? You'll see how you communicate and overcome challenges. You'll also see who is the handiest of you two just in case you end up visiting Ikea in the future.

  1. Museum Nights

Many museums have special events with activities like cultural spotlights, crafts, hands on workshops or lectures. It's fun to mingle in an "after hours" setting and you can see your partner in a new light. You'll have plenty of prompts for conversation and can or create learn something together. SF daters can check out After Dark or Nightlife for a twist on the normal museum date.

  1. Dance Lessons

You'll get a great sense of your rhythm as a couple and your communication style. If it's one of your first dates, it lightens up the pressure for physical contact, you to have an excuse to be close to one another. If you've been dating for a while, it's an excellent way to spice up your routine. 9:20 Special offers a Thursday Night drop-in social party with a free 30-min intro class so you and your date can shake off your jitters. Another low-key social dance option is Friday Night Blues, while private couples classes from Ballroom to Salsa are also available in many studios.

While the list above includes some specific places in SF, these types of activities exist in every city. For example, Sur la Table offers "Date Night: Italian Summer" at their in-store cooking classrooms across the country! Utilize the power of Google, Yelp, and friends to find an unconventional date that will teach you more about that guy or gal than you would in a typical bar or restaurant.