Halloween Costumes For Singles In 2019

October 31st is around the corner and, if you’re anything like 99% of people, you still need a costume for the parties on October 26th. Here are 15 great resources for ideas to get your creative juices going. Happy Halloween!

  1. Glamour’s list of the most googled Halloween costumes
  2. LA Times finds the most 2019 costumes
  3. The trendiest costumes this year from MarieClaire and Cosmo
  4. Super easy couples costumes via NY Mag
  5. Cosmo’s inventive couple’s costumes
  6. PopSugar’s ‘Gram-able couple’s collection
  7. Esquire’s 14 super fast costumes for men
  8. 30 solid ideas from Men’sHealth
  9. Don’t worry, PopSugar has men covered too
  10. 55+ DIY 11th-hour costumes from GoodHousekeeping
  11. PopSugar finds Amazon’s best affordable costumes
  12. Unisex and Cozy Costumes
  13. O Mag’s BFF costume collection
  14. Real Simple’s last-minute costumes for Friday shopping
  15. For your squad, Refinery29’s got the best girl-group costumes