Halloween Costumes For Singles In 2017

Remember those innocent childhood years where Halloween was simply about the house at the end of the block that gave out full-size candy bars, and counting your sugar-winnings at the end of the night? Now, as an adult, getting your trick-or-treat on means looking and feeling fierce. Especially, if you’re single! While Pinterest and Google are full of great ideas for couples and groups – what about costumes for singles? We don’t recommend you chose a costume purely to get a date (we do recommend you are comfortable and have fun) but we know that a great costume can set you apart and help you catch the eye of an admirer. So just in case you are stumped here are a few ideas to get you motivated, give you a look that will start a conversation, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Disclaimer: The following costumes are intended to encourage a positive response. In keeping with that spirit, it is highly recommended that you stay away from culturally insensitive costumes that may or may not be popular this year. NOT OKAY: Political, religious, or racial costumes that require being overtly offensive. Also, if you are looking to meet someone, go for a costume where you are not wearing a mask or something else obscuring your face – so even though Pennywise is all the rage (and quite scary too), he didn’t make our list this year.


Everything is super these days – so embrace the trend! Go as a Marvel Character or DC Hero (or villain) and whether you’re a member of The Justice League, The Defenders or The Guardians of the Galaxy you can easily spot other members of your “crew” to go up to.

Wonder Woman is popular this year, so give her your own spin! And The Defenders are good last-minute costumes – and remember Luke Cage needs a hoodie (extra points if it’s Carhartt) with holes in it – just try not to go punching down walls, please.

Pop Culture

Being culturally relevant can be fun when you get to dress up – whether you’re a celebrity or a meme. Here are some moments this past year that you can use for costume inspo.

Lorde at the VMAs. Zombie Taylor Swift. Salt Bae all night with a low-cut white tee, black pants, round-frame sunglasses, and silver glitter (so you can be sure your “salt” is seen at night) – or if you are going true to the original bring a slab of meat with you for the ride. The Eclipse (wear a sun costume and your leftover Eclipse glasses). Sloane Stephens. Or, if you are in LA (like the Three Day Rule Headquarters) you could Go Blue in a full Dodgers uniform.


It is the time of Television, so take all those binge-watching hours and put them good use as costume research. And plus, you may find some co-stars along the way.

Eleven from Stranger Things can be a guy or a gal either with short hair or a blonde wig – don’t forget your Eggos and a fake nose-bleed to sell this supernatural look. A Wrestler from GLOW sporting 80s spandex wonder and teaser hair. Any Game of Thrones character (bonus points for current season costumes and/or a dragon).

Halloween is for Singles

These are just a few quick ideas for you singles out there. No matter what costume you choose, think:

  • Would I talk to someone wearing this costume? If you are covered head to toe in sticky fake blood, the answer might be no.
  • Do I feel confident? You don’t have to be naked to get noticed.
  • Is this a conversation starter? Halloween is a special holiday where people are more open to being approached. Use your costume as a way to strike up a conversation with someone new because you never know who you will meet.

And remember, while you may be dressed as a superhero or a super-meme, be smart and stay safe out there!