Are Entrepreneurs Terrible Daters?

Entrepreneurs are notorious for being terrible daters. Between the midnight crises in the office, sudden customer requests, and stress of preparing for your next round of fundraising, you’re not the easiest breed to date.

The thing is, you actually have a lot going for you. Your confidence, relentless drive, creativity, and super-hero resilience are enough to make many singles swoon.

Your love life doesn’t have to suffer while you’re trying to build your own company.  If you’re an entrepreneur looking for love, here are some quick tips to get you started:

Ask for intros. You do this all the time when you’re networking with potential investors, doing business development, or recruiting for new talent for your team.  Apply this approach to your love life as well. Don’t be shy and ask those in your personal network to set you up.  A trusted friend or colleague can be the perfect resource for introducing you to your next date.

Make a good impression.  Spend a few minutes on your appearance: shaving, putting on a clean shirt, and spraying some cologne can go a long way. Don’t show up to a date in your hoodie and flip flops.  We’ve heard our share of horror stories from singles who have gone on dates with entrepreneurs who looked like they hadn’t showered or slept in days.  Not great for a first impression.

Focus on your date.  It’s tempting to want to talk endlessly about work because it’s constantly on your mind.  Keep up with the news and other interests outside of work so you have things to talk about outside of your job. Your date will not want to spend the whole time talking about your latest round of fundraising or analyze the factors behind the 200% growth you saw in your customer base last month.  Spend time asking thoughtful questions and getting to know his/her interests and background.

Make it a priority.  You might not think that you have time to date right now.  However, having a romantic partner can help you keep a balanced perspective on life and better deal with the ups and downs that come with starting your own business. Your life is run by your calendar so create a weekly reminder to block out time to focus on your personal/dating life.  Also, don’t take someone to a networking or work event in an attempt to multi-task and save time.  It’s bad etiquette and a guarantee that you won’t get a second date.

Outsource.  It can be exhausting going on a string of bad first dates, especially since you have such limited free time. If you don’t have the bandwidth to try online dating, outsource your love life by working with a Three Day Rule matchmaker. She will vet all of your potential matches in person and only introduce you to the best ones.  By having a matchmaker do the work for you, you can focus on going on quality dates without wasting your time.