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7 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Dating Life

In a world full of dating advice, it can be hard to turn the often abstract tips into action.  Day-to-day I focus on meeting incredible s...

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Single In SF: The 49'er Syndrome

“Forty-Niner,” the term which originally meant one who took part in the 1849 California gold rush, is now often affiliated with the San F...

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The Dating Rules Meant To Be Broken

Single people today are constantly bombarded with dating rules to follow, and many would say they find it overwhelming. One could always ...

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True Life Stories: I Would Have Never Swiped Right On My Current Partner

"Too short - left.  Nice body - right.  Left.  Left.  Ooh, definitely right!" 

Sound familiar?  It’s the new world of online dating: s...

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When I was a professional Matchmaker, one of the questions I asked in daily interviews with single people is, "what has or hasn’t worked ...