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How To Meet Your Match In The New Normal

Since I began my dating coaching practice 15 years ago, there have been only two major disruptors that have required me to modify my sy...

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Zoom Date Outfits: The Perfect Combination of Sexy, Cute, and Cozy

Welcome to 2020, where the hottest date spot is now on your couch in front of your laptop. If you’ve never gone on a Zoom date before (un...

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The Top 12 Qualities Every Single Looks For And Why

Nothing maintains the status quo better than pitting men and women against each other. There are books about it. There are Supreme Court ...

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Halloween Costumes For Singles In 2019

October 31st is around the corner and, if you’re anything like 99% of people, you still need a costume for the parties on October 26th. H...

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Matchmaker Spotlight: Kara Laricks, LGBTQ+

This April, Three Day Rule is spotlighting our nationwide LGBTQ+ Matchmaker.

Meet Kara Laricks!

HOMETOWN: Overland Park, Kansas