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The Secret To Making Relationships Work

We’re in the business of helping people get into relationships, but we’re often approached with questions about new relationships as well...

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The 7 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Love Life Before Summer Is Over

Yikes! It’s already July. How did that happen? Summer is a great time to meet people because everyone is out enjoying the weather, trying...

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What It's Like To Go On Bad First Dates For A Living

Bad first dates suck. Imagine if you could hire someone to go on them for you.

Every day I get the pleasure of meeting with incredible...

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13 Real Life Reasons You Didn't Get a Second Date

Possibly the most frustrating thing in all of dating: the excitement leading up to a first date and then the disappointment when there’s ...

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I Got 99 Problems And My Dating Profile Is The Cause Of Most Of Them…

Just the mere mention of “online dating” brings with it a heavy sigh. Some people sigh with exhaustion while others sigh with hope. Think...