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5 Ways To Get Your Spring Fever On

Earlier this winter, we wrote about cuffing season, which is that time of year when everyone you know couples up, snuggles in the front o...

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8 Perfect V-Day Dates In LA For A New Relationship

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and you can feel the pressure. You’re involved in a something, but you don’t have a name for it yet....

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The Secret That Dating Apps Don't Want You To Know

As a dating expert and matchmaker, I am lucky enough to speak with singles firsthand, so I understand dating trends and behaviors. As an ...

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Why A Feedback Loop Is The Secret Weapon Of Dating

Ever wonder why your love life feels like an endless cycle of let-downs? Do you feel like you keep dating the wrong people, or can’t find...

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Five Simple Ways To Be A Great First Date, DC Edition

So you’ve landed yourself a first date - good for you, you totally rock! At this point, the butterflies in your stomach should be excitem...