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Life Lesson From A Matchmaker: Erika Gershowitz Kaplan

I never guessed that I would become a matchmaker. Connecting with people and connecting them with other people has always been a passion....

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Friends Don't Let Friends Date Alone

Why are we single? We need a matchmaker, DUH! Watch what happens when we fill out our Three Day Rule dating profiles for each other while...

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What It's Like To Work On A Team Full of Women (And Why It's Different From What You Think)

The other day, I took several of my employees to a networking event at a trendy co-working office in Santa Monica. When we walked in, the...

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Why Facebook Still Matters For Your Dating Life

You meet a cute girl in a bar. You come home. What do you do? Chances are, you’re going to go stalk her on Facebook. Admit it. You type i...

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"Everything Happens For A Reason" And Other Misguided Idioms Preventing You From Finding Love

In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, Aurora lies peacefully atop her royal bed, waiting for Prince Philip to slay the dragon and wake her from he...