Five Simple Ways To Be A Great First Date, DC Edition

So you’ve landed yourself a first date - good for you, you totally rock! At this point, the butterflies in your stomach should be excitement, but if they are from nerves, follow these five tips to ensure that every first date you go on is a positive experience, regardless of the connection:

Keep it light and positive - Don’t show up to your date and complain about your boss or your latest frenemy feud. That gives off a bad vibe right from the start that will be near impossible to overcome. On the same vein, don’t get into hot political or religious topics when you’re meeting someone for the first time. Obviously if these are important topics to you, they should definitely be discussed, but leave it for a 4th or 5th date!

Don’t make it feel like an interview - Before the date, think of some really fun questions to ask other than: “What do you do for work?” I love to suggest to my clients icebreakers like “What’s your go-to drink order?”, “Who was the last person you saw in concert?”, “What do you totally hate about DC?”. Conversely, don’t list off your resume when encountered with typical first date questions. Change the subject to that weekend’s plans or your next big vacation.

Be in the moment - This should be a no-brainer, but you wouldn’t believe the number of times I get feedback from a client that a person simply just wasn’t in the moment. Listen closely, ask follow-up questions, and please - put your cell phone away!

Leave when things are still going well - This might seem counterproductive, but it’s actually a really solid piece of advice. Once you’ve had a couple of drinks and a few of hours of good conversation, it might be a good time to wind down the date. Make sure to plan a second date if you’re interested in one - that way your date won’t get the wrong idea. There is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving good, fresh conversation for the second meetup.

Watch the alcohol intake - If your date involves drinking (and not every first date needs to - I love to suggest brunch, a walk around the Tidal Basin or a downtown event to my clients), make sure to control the amount of alcohol you’re consuming. A first date is all about a first impression - and you should always be putting your best foot forward!

Even if you’re a first date pro, these simple tips can really change up your dating game. Be confident, keep it light, carry yourself positively and give the other person the attention they deserve. You’ll be everyone’s favorite first date!

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