8 Perfect V-Day Dates In LA For A New Relationship

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and you can feel the pressure. You’re involved in a something, but you don’t have a name for it yet. A few dates, good times, but you haven’t had the romantic conversation to define exactly what ‘you’ are. All this, with Valentine’s Day, the romantic’s romantic day, looming closer and closer.

Fear not, Three Day Rule & Overnight have a quick fix. At least if you live in Los Angeles. If you’re somewhere else, we suggest finding the closest Go-Kart track (Go-Karting is just the right blend of fun and romantic). If you’re in LA, follow these two steps.  

Step 1.  Check out these 8 down and dirty ideas for a fun and romantic (but not too romantic) activity to spontaneously do on V-Day

Step 2. Choose your favorite neighborhood and book an Overnight.

Activities and a place to spend the night? We'll accept thanks in the form of heart shaped candies.  

Share West Hollywood With Your Sweetheart

Laughter is the best Aphrodisiac

Laughing is good for your heart, both physically and mentally. It’s scientifically proven that couples who laugh together, love together (Okay, we don’t have any scientific evidence, just anecdotal).  The Improv is our favorite spot to see comedy. There are shows every night, and you’ll never know who will show up for a guest set. Sit down, settle in, and get ready for a night of side splitting laughter. 

Share West Hollywood With Your Sweetheart

The Ball is in Your Court

Fancy a little exercise and competition? Visit the iTennis courts at Plummer Park. Having a solid stroke and backhand can make all the difference. Enjoy a sweat with your partner as you volley back and forth on the court. Racquet and balls are required, but unless you want a lesson, courts are free and first come first serve.


A Block To Remember

Fancy a stroll arm in arm through some hidden streets without having to dodge cars? Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Then you’re going to love the Venice Walking Streets. They connect West Abbot Kinney to Lincoln, and were originally designed in the early 1900’s, and now weave through some of the best properties in Venice. Head North from Abbot Kinney and choose between Nowita Place, Marco Place, Amoroso Place, or all three. Enjoy the secret gardens that create the picture-perfect spot for an affectionate photoshoot.

Palate Passion

Is there anything sexier than a well curated plate of meat and cheese? We think not (Unless you’re a vegan or vegetarian, we think that’s cool too). A Jonathan Gold favorite, The Tasting Kitchen has a mouthwatering array of cheese and charcuterie options to choose from, the ideal food to eat while exchanging stories with your sweetheart. Their wine list is deep, and if you’re still hungry, their main dishes will make you swoon.


Fortune Favors You

The streets of Chinatown are a living, breathing, character themselves in DTLA. Seen in numerous films, we recommend taking your significant other to the middle of N. Broadway and simply walking among the shops and stores. You can grab sweet treats, eccentric gifts, and everything in between.

Say Hai to Little Tokyo

The streets of Little Tokyo are lined with bars, sushi and ramen shops, and tiny storefronts just waiting to be explored. If sushi is on the menu, visit Hama Sushi – simple fish done right. For an outdoor quasi city feel, grab a drink at Far Bar, specifically in the side alley. Want something dark and moody? Sample Japanese whiskeys at Wolf and Crane. Any of these locations are a perfect place to find a corner and have a real conversation.

Silver Lake

Stepping to it

Have an excursion in Silver Lake is by simply pounding the pavement and discovering the hidden gems around every corner. Silver Lake and the surrounding parts of East Los Angeles are criss-crossed with tucked away staircases that take you between unique architecture and culminate in stunning views of the Hollywood hills and Downtown. Some of the staircases have become cultural icons in themselves, with their own #hashtags. Others are more hidden, perfect for stealing a kiss or two on.

Sounds to Shuck to

Catch dinner and a show by first stopping at L&E Oyster bar and slurping down some of the ocean’s finest oysters. Pair it with some excellent wine and you’ll be good to go. The night isn’t over yet though. You can see some great local live music just a block up from L&E at The Satellite. You’ve seen it in films like Yes Man, and performers like Beck, The Foo Fighters, and The Silversun Pickups have all graced the stage.

Closing Statement

No matter what, if you’re in the beginning of a relationship, be sure to do something, even it’s just a bottle of wine and a movie at home. The little things do add up, especially at the start of relationship. Visit Three Day Rule for more helpful dating tips, the Daily Duffel for exciting and interesting new things to do around your neighborhood, and be sure to download Overnight, your #1 app for same-day stays with local hosts.

May Saint Valentine guide your way this February 14th