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What Do Women Really Want?

Lately, I’ve been working with our Matchmakers to prepare content for a series of intimate, tell-all...

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5 Ways To Become Besties With Your Matchmaker

Picture this: you’re living a fabulous, independent, fulfilling life with a career that you are passionate about and a packed social cale...

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Why Being Single During Wedding Season Rocks!

Summer is in full swing, which means the sun is finally shining and people are starting to flaunt their cute summer outfits. For singles,...

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10 Places To Find Your "Type" In Chicago

Summer in the city of Chicago is exhilarating. Everyone has been cooped up (for what feels like years) and is finally ready to get out th...

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Why Singles in NYC Are Lucky

Hi All! I’m Robyn Swider one Three Day Rule’s Matchmakers in NYC.

One of the biggest compla...