How Far Will A Three Day Rule Matchmaker Go For You?

From chasing down a group of firemen to approaching strangers on the plane (check out the picture on the left!), Three Day Rule matchmakers are dedicated, creative, and resourceful when it comes to finding great dates for our clients.

In addition to searching through our extensive database of eligible singles, Three Day Rule matchmakers are constantly meeting new people and scouring the real world to find compatible matches for clients.  In their own words, here are some of the craziest, funniest, and most entertaining things that Three Day Rule matchmakers have done in the name of love:

On my first day on the job, I chased down a fire truck full of firemen because I heard a client liked men in uniform.  Another client wanted someone who was really into spirituality, so even though I'm terrible at yoga, I went to a yoga retreat and recruited women in the middle of shavasana. One time, I went to a political fundraiser for Senator Al Franken. I told Steve Martin, Sarah Silverman, Barbara Boxer, and Conan O'Brien about Three Day Rule. Conan referred to me as "Matchmaker, Matchmaker" the entire night, and kept bringing over his single friends to help me find potential matches.  - Kate

I had a client looking for a very specific type of guy, which I dubbed as "an indie rocker who could also pay the bills." I attended multiple rock concerts around town and scouted men that looked like her type until I found a great match for her. - McKenzie

I despise running, but decided to do an Inflatable 5k Run over a weekend down in Huntington Beach because one of my clients wants someone super athletic who is up for doing random outdoor activities like that.  I ended up meeting a great, attractive group of Finance guys who are very athletic and always looking for fun things to do like that.  Score!  - Mary Stuart

I'm not an outdoorsy person, but I once spent an entire weekend on a 60-person camping trip because I was determined to find a nature lover for a male client of mine seeking an adventurous type.  Thankfully, my efforts paid off and I met several potential matches for my client. - Louisa

While running along the Marina in San Francisco, I spotted a male runner that looked like a good match for my client.  I had to chase him down on his run to set up a meeting.  Another time, I had a male client who wanted someone exceptionally attractive so I went to a local modeling agency and talked to the employees to see if they knew anyone that fit the bill.  Through this, I ended up meeting an amazing girl to set him up with. - Carla

Lately, I've been attending a lot of scotch tastings to find the perfect, scotch-drinking gentleman for one of my clients. Quick tip for the ladies: if you're looking for events with lots of interesting, single men, scotch tastings are a great guy magnet.  - Adelle