Manifest Love During COVID-19

If you think COVID-19 is stopping you from finding the love of your life, think again! Dating in the modern world was already difficult for many people before the pandemic.

The technology that was meant to bring us closer seems to have created a bigger gap. Finding true love has become the new proverbial "coke in the desert." With the amount of choice available, the chances to “attract” someone has come down to a well filtered picture and a swipe.

And so you wonder, what happened to real connection and spontaneously meeting someone, feeling each other's vibes?

This need for human connection has only become more apparent now that we are not able to go out in public as much and meet new people, although for many people that was already an issue. We all have a basic human need for love and connection, and now more than ever it has become like oxygen.

There is a greater need in quarantine to find comfort within ourselves, and we are all forced to face the unconscious blocks that have held us back. We can no longer distract ourselves from what isn't working. This is especially true for women who are looking to attract love, and feel their biological clock ticking.

“Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship you have”

So you could sit there and feel victimized about what is currently happening in the world or you could make COVID your opportunity to do the inner work, and come out of this transformed for the better.

The truth is we all have subconscious patterns that limit us and keep us contracted, stuck in an illusion of separation. Ambitious and successful women are turning to Neuro-Coaching because more than ever, this is a time for female empowerment. While many of my clients may be extremely empowered in their careers, their love lives are another story. And nobody showed us how to deal with relationships, nor did we all see great relationships growing up… so how can we fire off those mirror neurons?

Furthermore, many of our parents were caught in undesirable dynamics that unconsciously became our normal. The good news is you can rewire those beliefs at any age, to create the life you do want today.

If you choose to co-create your love life, here is how:

Your self-esteem and belief systems have a strong impact on the type of people and relationships you attract, and even in your ability to attract them at all.

Neuro-Coaching is a neural pathways approach to achieving what you want in your life, using tools in the realms of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), Neuroplasticity, communication, personal development, and positive psychology.

In other words, it’s like learning the language of your own brain.

People operate by internal “maps” of the world that they learn through sensory experiences. We can modify unconscious biases or misbeliefs to create a new map of the world. When you see things differently, you feel differently, and ultimately you behave differently. That's how you create a different life.

For example:

If you have constantly been telling yourself (subconsciously) that all men cannot be trusted, coming from past experiences with immature, emotionally unavailable, cheaters or ghosters…

Chances are that is the type of man you will continue to attract!

A few simple tips on how to rewire your brain to improve dating in my eBook here. Also, you can learn how to Manifest your Soulmate in my free 20min Masterclass- available for a limited time here. Follow @BEGRAVITAS on IG and FB for more inspiration on how to manifest love!

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