6 Reasons Meeting People While Traveling Is So Much Easier

Los Angeles is a city where people are focused on me, me, me. Actors are looking for their next big role, musicians are promoting their new single on social media, talent agents are always hustling, entrepreneurs are focused on disrupting their industry, and the list goes on. These talented individuals are extremely driven and will probably achieve their goals because of their dedication and focus. If you combine the tunnel vision for success with the nuances of routine, it doesn’t provide much room in life for spontaneity - the “what if?” and the “meet cute.”

The problem here is that we think, “if only I could break free from the worries and anxiety of life, then I could actually meet someone.” The solution to this is easy - live life like you’re on vacation!

As a Matchmaker at Three Day Rule, I’m constantly hearing that people have wanderlust, which is the desire to explore, and they want to share that desire with their partner. When you travel, you immerse yourself in new cultures, explore new places, and most importantly, you’re open to new experiences and new people!

Here are six reasons why it's easier to create a real connection with someone when traveling:

  1. No routine

IRL (in real life) we commute to the same office, hang out with the same friends, go to the same gym, and catch dinner and drinks at the same bars/restaurants. When you’re traveling, every day is different, which increases your chances of meeting more people.

  1. Time is on your side.

There are no deadlines and no meetings to attend on vacation. Your time is your own, so when you do meet someone interesting on vacation, you actually take the time to get to know them and create a real connection without the constant distractions in your routine.

  1. Stress free

Getting away from the stress of life gives you a sense of calm and rejuvenation. You feel like your best self and you always attract more people when you’re feeling happy, confident, and healthy. Remember, like attracts like!

  1. Out of your element.

When you’re in a new city or country and you want to take it all in; the sites, sounds, scenery, and, most importantly, the people! You wander around taking in new sights, with your head up, instead of down at your cell phone checking your email making yourself accessible and open to connections. Don’t be afraid to get lost and ask that cute guy or girl for directions.

  1. Up for anything

YOLO (you only live once) especially applies on vacation. You’ll put yourself out there in situations that are unique or even uncomfortable. When you push yourself outside your comfort zone, that’s when you really grow and open yourself up to new possibilities. 6. The post trip withdrawal. It might be hard to come back to real life, but skip the slump by continuing to tap in

  1. The post trip withdrawal

It might be hard to come back to real life, but skip the slump by continuing to tap into that travel mindset. Let that freedom, joie de vivre, and excitement for life spill into the every day. Stay open to possibilities and see what happens!